Reefgate !

Great Barrier Reef

UNESCO has released it's latest report on the risk posed by climate change to a range of world heritage sites. Officially announced by UNESCO Media Services as " New Report Shows World Heritage Icons at Risk from Climate Change " Towards the bottom of this page is the following paragraph -

At the request of the Government of Australia, references to Australian sites were removed from the Report (recent information about the state of conservation of the Great Barrier Reef is available on UNESCO’s website here:

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It seems that the Australian Government has ( apparently anonymously ) intervened to have references to the Great Barrier Reef excluded from the United Nations report on the risk of climate change to World Heritage sites !

Safe to assume the news isn't good or it would be emblazened across every major newspaper and television screen in the country.
Anyway, if you want to download and read the report in it's entirety click on the link below

pdfWorld Heritage and Tourism in a Changing Climate


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The Hon. Greg Hunt, MP ( now ex ) Minister for the Environment has ( self ) applauded the government's success in removing the Great Barrier Reef from the World Heritage committee's " in danger " category a while ago was ( allegedly ) not involved in this latest intervention.
Apparently we are expected to believe that the Australian Dept. of the Environment colluded with an international organisation without the Federal Minister's knowledge !!

Science censorship: Great Barrier Reef scrubbed from UN climate change report written by Professor Will Steffen, emeritus professor at ANU and climate council contributor makes good reading.

Historically I've pretty much always had a healthy sense of disrespect towards politicians particularly federal politicians. This little episode would seem to be wholly in character so no real surprise from that point of view.
All the while I had ( innocently ) held the United Nations and UNESCO in particular in the highest regard subconsciously assuming that as an international education and scientific organisation they'd be " straight "... how wrong I've been :-(
Their complicity in what can only be described as a cover-up strips away all traces of UNESCO's credibility and integrity as far as I'm concerned.

Most coral dead in central section of Great Barrier Reef, surveys reveal

From The Guardian - by Michael Slezak
In summary ( para. ) -
An average of 35% of coral was now dead or dying in the northern and central sections ( North of Cairns ), according to the surveys led by the Australian Research Council’s Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies.

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Seriously what does it take before alarms start going off about this

Greg Hunt rebuked by Attenborough film-maker
after upbeat verdict on Great Barrier Reef

From The Guardian -
Greg Hunt told the Courier Mail that David Attenborough’s series was evidence the Great Barrier Reef was not facing the death that climate change scientists feared ...

This article also in The Guardian is a "tad" closer to reality -
Mass coral bleaching now affecting half of Australia's Great Barrier Reef

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From The Courier Mail -
Reef politics put Sir David Attenborough in hot water

Sir David Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef documentary spurs major boost in UK holidaymakers planning to visit Queensland

$150,000 promised for reef coral monitor

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